Image of ICO by ¿adónde?
  • Image of ICO by ¿adónde?
  • Image of ICO by ¿adónde?
  • Image of ICO by ¿adónde?
  • Image of ICO by ¿adónde?

ICO by ¿adónde?

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ICO — open container for a tidy desk made of recycled cardboard

ICO is inspired by the shape of icosahedron. Place on your desk, shelf or table. It stands steady on one of its twenty sides can be rolled from one place to another. Just drop anything into it and your desk will look organized. It holds a lot!

Delivered flat. Double sided stickers included. Do-it-yourself — very easy.

Recycled cardboard and FSC certified paper.
colors: grey, blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, plain cardboard
diameter 21 cm (8,3 in)E

(designed by our cooperation partner ¿adónde?)

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